Saturday, October 16, 2010

Became millionaire on Minecraft

The computer geek Markus Persson's home-game is a success
He understands there are hardly self.
Entirely on their own, and without any budget to speak of, created Markus Persson from Stockholm a computer game.
Now you want the whole world pay for it.
In September, Mark earned 16 million dollars.
The time is 00:00:03 on 22 September and Mark Pearson has just made a button bucks.
At 00:00:06, he earned another one.
At 00:00:09, he earned a second.
And so it goes. At 24 hours, he sells a copy of "Mine Craft" - which costs 9.95 euros to download - every three seconds. And then starts the next day.
Has thinned a hat
About Markus Persson was a gangster rapper who recently debuted with an album on the theme of "life in the slums" so it would be about now that he had bought a Hummer with a home theater system in the trunk. But Mark Pearson is not a gangster rapper.
He is 31 years old nerd who recently made his debut with a game that largely is to look for minerals in mines and hide from the square head. And the only thing he buys a new hat.

It is difficult to understand that there actually is a multimillionaire who are sitting in front of me on the oil bar in Stockholm. The only thing that suggests that he has no money at all is the shopping bag that he has made next to our table. It says Dressman on it.
Pearson seems to have barely understood it myself.
- It's an unreal feeling. It goes round and turned suddenly thought, oh ... I am ... rich.
Playing everywhere
Markus Persson's success story unparalleled in today's gaming world. He started with nothing more than a game idea, a computer and two bare hands. One and a half years later, 'Mine Craft "is not even finished. But 402 157 people have the time of writing paid a button bucks were to download an early version - and it's playing everywhere.
In schools, workplaces and the U.S. studio Valve - the guys behind "Half-Life". The latter is so impressed that they fly over St. Mark's in Seattle to recruit him.
- Valve 's like my idols, so I was probably best around and gaped. But it was very nice. And so I got free games also.
Despite this, thank Persson down "and starts rather than a small game studio - which will now be complete 'Mine Craft" and also develop a new game.
Of course there are two issues that are in desperate need of an answer right now. Firstly, what exactly is' Mine Craft "?
Has become the Youtube phenomenon
'Mine Craft "is a game where the player wakes up on a random island where everything is made of square blocks. To survive on this island, one must use its resources to designing stuff.
And the players have discovered that just the construction of virtually no restrictions - you can build more things than axes and functioning doors, you can actually build exact copies of "Star Trek" starship Enterprise and functioning computers.
And the YouTube videos on the latter two have become minor phenomenon is probably a large part of the answer to the second question:
Why is Mine Craft succeeded?
- You have to get the fame of the game to spread from person to person, for that indie developers have been and can not afford any advertising budget, "said Pearson. It comes to getting players to burn and like to share what they do in the game.
Is there a future
'Mine Craft "is a kick in the crotch out of all the major publishers are convinced that one can only make money on the already established game concepts - and an encouraging pat on the back of all the little indie developers who hope to someday be able to support themselves in their games.
It is a sign that there is a future where the economy that drives the games industry works in a different way. And that we are approaching it.
A few seconds at a time.

Markus four top tips to be a Millionaire
1 Come up with a good game idea, and ensure that it is to make games that are longer than 20 minutes.
2 Listen to a lot of the players. Make them feel involved in the project, so that they can talk about the game at one.
3 Dare to charge! This misses many indie developers.
4 Have luck and timing. One can certainly make money by just working hard, but you can not become indie millionaire without these two things.
Success for Swedish indie games in the world
Sweden has in recent years more and more seen as a prominent indie nation. From here (gaming) world famous personalities such as Jonathan Soderstrom ("northern" and forty other games), Joakim Sandberg ("Noitu love 2"), Erik Svedäng ("Blueberry Garden") and many others.
The reasons for our success is not completely covered, but well-developed social safety nets, high computer density and a long tradition of volunteer work are some that have been mentioned.



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