Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops Create your own character

Listen up, soldiers. You’ve all got your own style, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be reflected in the field. Let’s brief on the huge amount of personalization features you’ll find in Black Ops.

COD Points give you the freedom to create your own soldier from head to toe. Browse through a huge selection of face paints to help blend into the environment or strike fear into your enemies, and purchase weapon camo to match the uniform that your Perk 1 slot determines.

Customize what you see looking through the Reflex or Red Dot attachment with over 40 different reticles, 7 reticle colors, and 6 lens colors. Once you’ve got your weapon set up, emboss your clan tag on the gun and purchase the ability to add on your emblem, as well.

With over 180 emblem backgrounds to choose from, as well as full manipulation of over 480 emblem images, the choices for your identity are limitless. Your victims will know exactly who’s coming after them when they see you take them out in the Killcam.

What will your style be? Will you create a soldier that strikes fear in your opponents, or will you goad them into a false sense of security with a friendly appearance? Will you save your COD Points solely for new equipment, or would you rather look good while shooting?

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