Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shogun 2: Total War

Before the ancient Rome, medieval times and Napoleon there was Shogun. Shogun: Total War was released ten years ago and it gave us real time strategy with turn based option placed in 15th century Japan. After 10 years and many Total War games we can finally hope to see the sequel.
Although Shogun 2 isn’t officially confirmed there are all sorts of leaked information available on the internet. Just like in the previous game, you take the role of the leader of one Samurai clan and your goal is to defeat other clans and become the Shogun – supreme ruler of Japan. Even if the original concept of the game is the same, Shogun 2 has a lot of offer. We should see improved AI that will analyze your every move and act with greater precision than before. Shogun 2 should give us improved battle gameplay that will allow us to enjoy the battles to the fullest.
We should see multi-staged castle sieges and improved naval battles. Now you can use islands as your cover and you can even lure your enemies into traps such as sand bars and reefs. In addition, your performance will be influenced by the weather because terrain will change according to the weather conditions. As for the clans, you can choose and lead one of the nine clans in the single player campaign or enjoy Campaign Multiplayer mode with a friend. Also 8 player multiplayer battles are available as well as leaderboard for tracking stats.


  1. never heard of it, but it looks interesting! :)

  2. Real-time tactics plus turn-based strategy is a good combo.